BW Mastery 24

How To Use Your Bodyweight To Build The Perfect Physique

24 Minutes - 24 Days - 24/7 Results

  • 24 - day training plan & nutrition guide
  • 100+ bodyweight exercise videos in HD
  • Build lean muscle & gain strength


Health & Nutrition Guide

Get daily tips on healthy eating, and much more to maximize your results.

  • your health & nutrition guide
  • how to eat for a lean physique
  • nutrition tips to keep you motivated
  • how hiit can get you fit

Stand-alone Workouts

Browse Exercises

Make the most of your training with access to hundreds of exercise videos and predefined workouts.

Couple Fitness

Research shows on average that 94 percent of couples tend to stick to their fitness programs when working out together so grab your partner and go burn some calories!

5 Minute Workouts

“I do not have time” is no longer an excuse! Everyone has at least five minutes, and best of all, these workouts can be done at anytime, anywhere.

Give Us 5 Minutes and We will Give You Results!

Client Reviews

Since I've been working with Absmatic I've dropped probably I am going to say about 7 to 10lbs and gained a lot of muscle.
Going through Online Training with Absmatic Fitness really allowed me to workout by myself but feel like I wasn't really alone.
End of week 8!!! I'm halfway through my work out program and I couldn't be happier. #focus #absmaticfitness #buildyourselfup

Before you start a new fitness program or health regimen, we encourage you to discuss your plans with your health care provider. Individual results will vary. Proper diet and exercise as described in Absmatic24 are necessary to achieve results.